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¨Monte Nativo flower¨

250 grs

With a more marked flavor and color, it has a greater persistence on the palate. Blend of carob, chañar, sacha melon, doodle, pennyroyal and itín.
From wild flowers that grow in our mountains, this exquisite blend is born. Algarrobo, Chañar, Sacha melon, Garabato, Poleo, Itin are some of the native flowers that, thanks to the work of the bees, gradually contribute their flavor, aroma and color to achieve this unique honey.

With a more marked and sweet flavor than common honeys, they have a greater persistence on the palate.


¡Sold out!

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Wayra is a collection of exquisite varieties of organic honey, which reflect the
natural wealth of the native forest of the Great American Chaco.

Each variety reflects the exquisite diversity of flavors of our mountain, the fruit of more than 30 years of work, dedication, art and beekeeping trade.
Each year, the collection varies according to the harvest. Producing organic honey means respecting nature in every way. Blooms, times, and our entire ecosystem are respected.

Producing organic honey means respecting nature in every way: blooms are respected, times are respected, bees are respected, the product is respected.

Certifying organic gives us the assurance that we are maintaining the highest quality standards in each harvest. To us as producers and to each person as a consumer.


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