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We reach the final consumer from production in the field or manufacturing factory in an integrated and competitive way.

TANGO FOODS ARG is an Argentine company that associates and manages, in an outsourcing scheme, different Argentine food producers and develops all international trade management exclusively and for more than 10 years. We work as a food exporting associative Group, exporting recognized brands and food products to more than 15 countries.

We work together along with producers, distributors and / or supermarket chains under an integrated and competitive business scheme.

TANGO FOODS USA Corp, is the group company established in the United States with commercial offices and warehouses in the city of Miami. Through Tango Foods USA, we directly import and distribute differential healthy foods, be they gluten free or organic or certain premium food products.

We are the entry channel to the marketing of the group’s food, in the United States, marketing and distributing within the country or to the Caribbean. Our clients: deli´s or gourmet shops, premium supermarkets, bakeries and confectioneries, hotels, restaurants, cruises.

TANGOFOODS.MARKET is our on-line sales channel or food Market place that we have developed especially for the American market, in order to reach our products in a direct and competitive way to the final consumer and also to the different retail channels.

Our product portfolio includes a wide variety of healthy foods, 100% natural, of differential quality, gluten free and organic with varied packaging or packaging presentations.

You will also find product offers from different countries in the region as we expand our commercial agreements with direct producers that join our Group.

HEALTHY FOODS, PREMIUM, GLUETEN FREE, ORGANIC, VEGAN are the main part of our product portfolio. You can list your needs and upload them to the shopping cart, with great pleasure we will be delivering the food very quickly to your home or wherever you want.

We work with great passion and dedication in what we do, with special and permanent respect for our suppliers and customers, we search every day for better and new alternatives for a healthy diet, natural foods and a better QUALITY OF LIFE. We believe in and are strongly committed to caring for and respecting our environment.