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Honey Vinaigrette

Don’t let your salads be boring by not making a vinaigrette and dressing them with it properly. With this vinaigrette to make your salads spectacular.


1 tablespoon of OLD STYLE ANCIENT MUSTARD 100% NATURAL – Gluten Free – Kosher “ARYTZA”, 1 tablespoon of light honey, 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, 70 ml EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL in Pet Bottle ¨MENOYO¨, 40 ml of APPLE VINEGAR brand “Menoyo” and salt.


For the honey vinaigrette, mix the old-fashioned mustard with the honey, salt and brown sugar, stir. We add the olive oil and the vinegar, which we will have previously mixed with a fork. We booked in a sauce boat.

APPLE VINEGAR Made with hand-selected apples in the Upper Rio Negro Valley, in Argentina, where the Andean microclimate favors delicious fruits, which we then transfer to our factory, where we ferment them naturally, rigorously taking care of their process.