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White Chocoleit Alfajor dietary x6 units

Irresistible chocolate alfajor, with dulce de leche, sweetened with stevia, with quality ingredients for a smarter diet, 0% trans fat, flour-free, gluten-free. Chocoleit the reengineering of chocolate, designed especially for those who take care of their body and organism.


¡Sold out!


White chocolate alfajor: Delicious cocoa mass alfajor covered with white chocolate filled with creamy dulce de leche, naturally sweetened with stevia, without added sugar. A daily alfajor can not only take away the craving to sweeten your day, but also feed you 179Kcal to increase your energy, along with 7Gr of protein, enough 22Gr of carbohydrates, all these nutrients developed in weight 50 Gr, so that your body does not just feel light when walking, if not that your figure reflects it as well.


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