Gluten Free in Jars x (220g) “ARYTZA”

A paste with a unique flavor, created by the attributes of garlic and the qualities of varietal honey. This Mediterranean dressing offers an ideal texture to marinate food, before or during cooking. It also goes great with cold dishes. In both cases it can be diluted in hot water.


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Nature-based Quality
Respecting the land, history, and nature’s cycles. That is Arytza.
Our entire line is gluten-free and 100% natural.
We do not use artificial additives or preservatives.
We grow our mustard under Organic Certification in the Alto Valle de Río Negro (Patagonia).
We are part of a network of producers and cooperatives throughout the country.
Our factory in Buenos Aires is free of environmental impact.
Eating well does good.
We begin by controlling and monitoring all of our raw materials, defining strict protocols and quality parameters. We grow mustard under organic certification in Patagonia. Our food security begins there, by taking care of the land.


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