WHITE LYCHEE TEA -¨INTI ZEN¨ (box 15 Tea´s bags).

White Tea, Bervena Leaves, green tea,natural

Originally reserved for the emperor only, white tea has a delicate aroma and a smooth, silky taste with a hint of sweetness. Only a few shoots are harvested with infinite delicacy, once a year in spring, since at that time all the energy and nutrients of the plant are concentrated in its shoots. Blanco Lychee combines an elegant white tea with the citrus green notes of lemon verbena and the delicate fruity flavor of lychee, slightly exotic and deeply sweet.

Ingredients: Balnco, Lychee and Cedrón Tea.

Quantity: 15 bags – 2gr each.


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Inti Zen proposes to travel in each cup through sensations, colors, aromas and flavors of Patagonia, the Puna and Amazonia. Unique tea blends, allow us to discover and reconnect our senses.
Infusions with tea, herbs and essences with a Latin touch.
Each cup of Inti Zen has detoxifying, relaxing, digestive, energizing or revitalizing attributes. our commitment is to create rich infusions that promote well-being and health.


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