Premium Olives ¨Castell¨

330 grams

Olives are appreciated for their high nutritional value, they provide Oleic acid (Omega 9), all the perfectly balanced essential amino acids, minerals such as Iron and Calcium, provitamin A, Vitamins C and B1, and their level of fiber makes them contribute to an adequate digestion.

Taking into account the needs of our celiac consumers, we have obtained the Gluten Free certification in our products.


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We are a great family… And also a great company.
We are a great family, keeping intact the tradition of quality and respect for the consumer that began since our foundation. In these last twenty-five years there was time to grow and expand, but there was also time to understand that the best is achieved by working together and with the same care in the preparation that a grandmother has when she cooks for her family.
We are a great company, constantly seeking to improve ourselves both technologically and professionally, indispensable for the demands of the national and international market, which allows us to firmly compete for the leadership of the pickle market with highly recognized products in our country and abroad.
The result of this combination is our daily effort to keep our name high, bringing you products that are the fruit of passion for what we do.
At Castell we believe that respect is the fundamental point to be able to carry out a company without losing the artisan essence. We apply this respect at all levels.
The pillars of our philosophy are: honesty, passion for work, conviction in our actions, creativity, teamwork and social sense.


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