Muffins POZO filled with Milk Sweet (dulce de leche)

paq x 220 gr

Wheat flour; Sugar; Caramel sauce; Egg; Sunflower oil; Water; Oleomargarine; artificial vanilla essence. CONTAINS EGG AND WHEAT AND MILK DERIVATIVES. (*) Wheat Flour (Flour, iron: 30 mg / kg, folic acid: 2.2 mg / kg, vitamin B1: 6.3 mg / kg, vitamin B2: 1.3 mg / kg, niacin: 13, 0 mg / kg).

Presentation box: contains 10 x 220 gr (Env Ind).


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A FAMILY brand, for everyone. Since 1951 we have created DELICIAS to put on the table of Argentines.
In September 1903, Don Salvador Pozo founded a small bakery on 260 Urquiza Street, in the town of Remedios de Escalada, Lanús, Province of Buenos Aires.
In the 90s, state-of-the-art technology, again Italian, was incorporated for the production and packaging processes, placing the company among the most modern in Latin America. In 2000 the company, with its continuous desire for growth, decided to purchase a modern plant located in the town of Avellaneda, where it has 6000 square meters of surface, which allows it to add its famous Vanilla Pozo, a line for the production of Muffins, Filled Muffins, Puddings, Biscuits and Sweet Bread. All these products in different presentations.


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