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500 grams / 17,63 oz PAMPA RICE

The Carnaroli Pulido rice is a rice that is slightly longer than it is wide, with medium amylose content and quick cooking. Named after a town in northwestern Italy, it is the most popular arboreal rice for making risotto. He is known as “The King of Italian Rice”. Its grain is medium, with a chalky center and crystalline edges, very rich in starches, which gives it a creamy consistency. When cooked it is slightly sticky and absorbs flavors very easily. Ideal for preparing risotto.

Prepare a cooking broth with the desired vegetables.
Wash the rice in cold water to remove the loose starch.
Sauté the rice and chopped vegetables in oil in a pan and mix for a few minutes until it is pearly.
Add the broth and cook for 15-18 minutes or until the desired consistency is achieved.
Let stand a few minutes before serving.


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Organic Latin America is a company that has the strategic alliance of several companies from the USA, Europe, Asia and Oceania that seek excellence in the production of organic food.

We work together with Argentine producers, dedicating years to the development of products and processes, to achieve the necessary organic certifications that allow us to enter the most demanding markets in the world (Japan, USA, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Canada and Holland among others).

We produce organic rice in the provinces of Entre Ríos, Corrientes, Chaco and Formosa (Argentine Coast), diversifying the varieties according to the best adaptation to each zone and productive climate, in order to achieve the optimal conditions that each one of them requires.

We produce and sell legumes and seeds in the NOA and central parts of the country. We focus on a wide variety of beans, chickpeas and seeds valued based on nutritional content, size, appearance and size.

Through these brands we offer a wide variety of rice, legumes, seeds and flours from them, highlighting among them the Short Black Rice (Forbidden Black Rice), the Aromatic Rice “Pampa Aroma”, the Carnaroli Rice, the Glutinous Rice o Mochi, Yamaní Rice, Bomba Rice, Long Fine Rice, White or Bean Beans, Black Beans, Adzuki Beans, Cranberry Beans, Mung Beans, Red Beans, Chia seeds, Golden Flax , Brown Linen and its corresponding flours.


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